BAFTA photo
BAFTA photo

how we work

we are a writer and an illustrator
Greg is an illustrator and animator. Myles is a writer. But we both think visually. Together we develop characters, narratives, stories, and invent worlds.

we are flexible
We work together. We work apart. When the project is right, we work together with a client. But if the client just wants an illustrator, or just needs a writer, that’s not a problem.

we are producers
Need a writer, illustrator, animator, director, composer, musician, or voice actors? We have worked with clients to develop an idea from scratch and taken it all the way through to delivery.

we are experienced

Our experience in producing animation has led to string of successes in the commercial arena... here's a breakdown of some of our stings, idents and commercials.

we are open
We have worked on a wide range of projects. Some have been ones that we've initiated - creating and developing an idea, and then finding the right home for it (Fuggy Fuggy). In other cases we have been brought in to help develop an existing concept for someone (Pedro and Frankensheep). Sometimes we are asked to create a new idea with a specific purpose for a particular organisation (Billy).

You can read more about us, Myles and Greg, on our individual pages, or download the joint biog (pdf). Alternatively you can visit the emminently reliable Wikipedia.