myles mcleod

name Myles McLeod

Myles has worked with Disney, BBC and the Royal Shakespeare Company as a voice artist. He even once performed opposite David Tennant as a Bristolian pig.

RP, US, Birmingham, Yorkshire, Bristol, London, crazy professor...

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• Upcoming Disney XD project - more details soon (2016)
• Frankensheep, Hugo and Carl in CBBC's Pedro and Frankensheep
• Various voices in BAFTA Film Award nominated film Codswallop
• Orthus in BAFTA nominated Art Sparks for Tate Galleries
• Jupiter, Caveman and others in BBC's The Approximate History of Maths
• Calbert the Calculator in BAFTA winning Quiff and Boot for the BBC
• The Donkey Tooth Fairy in CITV's Share-a-Story of the same name
• Fuggy Fuggy in the MTV and Mondo Media series
• The Alien in ADHD and Me for the ADHD Voices project
• Young Jiggit, Graham, Oracle Lidded in comedy pilot Isle of Spagg
• Billy, Francis and Dr Bernard Hermes for the Royal Shakespeare Company
• Fairies and Fairy Control for the Royal Shakespeare Company