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We are best known for writing for animation, for comedy and for children, or often all three. We generate concepts together, but it's usually Myles that does the physical writing. Myles has written over seventy commissioned scripts for TV, games, short film and online with durations varying from thirty seconds to an hour.

BBC writersroom finalist
In 2013 Myles was one of 27 writers that made it through to the BBC Writersroom script room. His half-hour live action drama for children was selected from 2800 submissions. Currently in development with CBBC.

Myles and Fenella Smith have co-authored a book Breeds: A Canine Compendium, illustrated by Greg, published by Square Peg in 2014. In 2015 Greg and Myles co-authored A Book of Brilliant Ideas: And How to Have Them. Published by Michael O'Mara.

comedy animation
Most of our animations are comedy, though we have ventured into dark fairy tales too. We started out writing short animated sketches and continue to create ideas for short series and individual sketches. We have also developed and made a half hour comedy pilot.

series writer
As well as developing and producing original concepts for The Brothers McLeod, Myles has also written for a number of other production companies. These include: Noddy. Toyland Detective (Head Writer, Dreamworks), Clangers (BBC), Hey Duggee (BBC), Octonauts (BBC), and SpongeBob SquarePants (Nickelodeon games). For a full CV, please contact our agent.

TV development
We have worked with the Disney, Dreamworks, BBC, Nickelodeon, Hit Entertainment, Fabrique D'Images and Entertainment One to develop new series ideas. That means starting with a basic premise for an idea, developing character profiles, the world, the rules of the world, writing an animation bible for the series, as well as developing story ideas and a pilot script.

something a little more theatrical
Myles has also written doggerel for the Royal Shakespeare Company, and worked with them and Google on their Midsummer Night's Dreaming project.

short series
We have produced a number of short run series in both comedy and children's. We created, wrote and produced Sticks for BBC Comedy. We have also written and produced three short series for children's BBC: Pedro and Frankensheep (concept by Phil Cooper), also Quiff and Boot and The Approximate History of Maths.

spec scripts

Myles is currently working on original concepts with ideas in development with CBBC and Lucky Giant. In 2008 he wrote an on-spec script of Doctor Who because... well, he loves Doctor Who.